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Home At Last On Thin Ice Snowed Under Chippy Tea

Adam's Work

My latest collection of work draws upon my childhood memories. Looking back to the 70's and 80's I recall moments where we as kids were more easily able to play in the streets. Kicking a ball, playing with friends or helping to fix the car with Dad are all recollections of what seemed a simpler time. My monochromatic use of tone combined with hints of colour attempt to give the feeling of an old polaroid but with a contemporary twist.

Watching my son growing up reminds me of my time as a boy. I remember the freedom we had and the friends we made. It seems at a time now where social networking is all the rage with kids today, our way of making friends was simply to knock about together and use the streets and houses as our adventure playground.

I also see my work now as more important than ever. Rather than simply using art as a way to make a living, I believe it is time for me personally to leave something behind which has real meaning and reflects the life I've had and who I was as a person. If this resonates with others, then that's great but it's time for me to be truthful to myself and use my ability as an artist to convey something which has real meaning, at least to me!